Cultural Space


The Gallery & Temple Space

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art is located in the historic Otto Wagner building at Döblergasse 2 (near the corner of Neubaugasse & Neustiftgasse) in Vienna’s artistic & alternative 7th district. Spread across two floors and covering over 500 sq. meters (5,400 sq. feet), the Academy also rents out two large rooms for cultural activities:

  • The Gallery – An adaptable street-front space for workshops, exhibitions, figure drawing and lectures
  • The Temple – A sound-insulated sous-terrain space for mind & body activities such as yoga, integrative dance and concerts

Included in the Cultural Space is the Lounge with a communal kitchen / relaxation area.

Hosting Activities in the Gallery or Temple Space

Gallery Space (80 m2) or Temple Space (80 m2) Price
  Hourly rate to rent a space €25
  Full day (9am – 6pm) €170
  Full day + evening (9am – 9:30pm) €200
  Saturday & Sunday (9am – 9:30pm) €370
  Sat., Sun. (9am – 9:30pm)
  PLUS Fri. evening (7pm – 9:30pm)

TO RESERVE the Gallery or Temple Space,
please send an e-mail to: or
or call the Cultural Space Manager
from Monday to Thursday under: +43 688 6428 1160
from Friday to Sunday under: +43 677 6307 3767

Payment Conditions (cash or bank transfer):
– 30% non-refundable deposit upon reservation
– Balance payment due on event date



Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Gallery Space

The Gallery Space – 5 m. x 16 m. = 80 sq. meters



The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Temple Space

The Temple Space – 5 m. x 16 m = 80 sq. meters


TO RESERVE the Gallery or Temple Space,
please send an e-mail to: or
or call the Cultural Space Manager at: +43 688 6428 1160

 Payment Conditions (cash or bank transfer):
– 30% non-refundable deposit upon reservation
– Balance payment due on event date









with Seba

Monday June 3rd
:45 – 7:00 pm


To end this Season of my classes at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts i will give a free class!
Everyone who is maybe curious to see what i am doing, what yogic knowledge and how i share it is very welcome to join this class!-

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with Asil Toksal

Thursday June 6th
:00 – 10:00 pm


Asil embodies celestial guides, who then provide healing, alignment and share deep wisdom. These sessions are very unique and are powerful and transformative for many participants. We invite you to join us with an open heart and mind.

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with Zauberraum

Thursday June 13th
:00 – 9:00 pm


Dreams, dreamlike, dreamy, diving deep, deeper, finding treasures.Emerging with a whole new perspective, a deeper insight, a charged symbol. A stronger you – or softer. A more integrated you in any ways. Lucid.
That’s what art therapy is about in a nutshell. That’s what we strive for in our dream workshops.

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with Suyana Luz

Weekend June 15th & 16th
:00 am – 6:00 pm


”Soul Power’ is a transformational workshop aimed specifically at your connection to the soul-essence & light that is within.
In these workshop you will be aligning yourself with your soul-essence and inner light, through the 3 portals of the soul, the light of Spirit, and the sacred.

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with Yoga is different

Sunday June 15th & 16th
:00 am – 6:00 pm


108 is considered a sacred number in Indian tradition. But also in the west are happy to the New Year and the summer solstice 108 Sonnengrüße made. A beautiful and dynamic yoga practice where you can overcome and reflect your inner and outer resistances.

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with PROBE

Tuesday June 18th
6:45 – 9:15 pm


Pharmasono, which PROBE develops on sound, emphasizes the impact and place of sound on various layers of life and provides an opportunity to step into your inner world.
It pursues an integrative approach and is customisable to the group of participants or individuals.
You can create gentle and compassionate moments for yourself to tune your body-mind-emotions.

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with Kuba Ambrose

Friday June 21st
7:00 – 10:00 pm


During the Second Half of the Spring Trimester with KUBA AMBROSE,students explored the theme of symbolism, creating a unique oil & egg tempera painting in the Mischtechnik on a wooden panel.
“We looked into the origins of vision & inspiration to give birth to a work of art that utilized aspects of harmony, tone, proportion and traditional artist’s materials.”

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with @Zgung

Sunday June 23rd
4:00 – 6:00 pm


Handstand is something that many yogis try to achieve. Being able to stand on your arms, all the way upside down, bring you not just a new perspective into your yoga practice, but also to your life. It’s might sound like the ultimate achievement, but it’s actually easier that you might think. If you feel a big respect towards inversions and handstand especially. this is a workshop for you, because shedding the fear of kicking up is one thing we will focus on too.


VIVIAN – Amaya in Concert
with Kuba Ambrose

Friday June 28th
7:30 – 9:30 pm


After many concerts in Germany and other cities in Austria, I finally sing a concert in my hometown Vienna.
I am very happy to celebrate this evening with you!
In addition to my songs in soul language and German, the premiere of two new music videos will take place at this concert.

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with Set You Free

Saturday June 29th
10:00 – 5:00 pm


The workshop “SUPERSENSE: Freeing Your Senses” deals with the activation and strengthening of four additional senses on an energetic level:
– Energetic Vision: Your ability to receive information about inner images
– Energetic listening / clairaudience: your ability to receive information about inner voices
– Energetic feeling / gut feeling: Use body intelligence, interpret feelings correctly, learn to differentiate between one’s own and one’s own perception
– Energetic Knowledge / Intuition: Spontaneous knowledge in the form of pure information that is available to you about people and situations

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with Nicolás Bertucci

Every Monday, 7:45 – 9:45pm


Tango Milonguero  wie er in den Milongas in Buenos Aires getanzt wird.
Dieser fortlaufende Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger als auch Personen mit Tango Argentino Vorkenntnissen.

Neu Dazustossende bitten wir mit Tanzpartner zu kommen. Um besseren Lerneffekt zu erzielen und Automatismen zu vermeiden werden Tanzpartner im Kurs getauscht. Einstieg jederzeit möglich.



with Stefan Lucas Allen

Every Wednesday, 2 – 6pm


In the new Academy season you are again welcome to take part in the open Figure Drawing classes at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. 

Alongside the students of the Academy, you’ll be given useful techniques to improve your drawing practice during this 4-hour class drawing the Live Nude Model.

The Visionary artist Stefan Lucas will help you to upgrade your skills through the study of form, proportion, perspective and shading.

Participation: €10
Email :


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with Walter Huber

Every Wednesday, 5:45 – 7:15pm



Experience the power and the magic of Kundalini Yoga in Vienna.
Kundalini Yoga is one of the most beautiful forms of experiencing yoga.
The practiced exercises are easy to learn and suitable for people of all age. They strengthen all our systems to develop great health
and inner balance, so that we can face the challenges of our everyday life with courage and ease.

I am excited to invite you to my new course in a really magical place, within a gallery of fantastic paintings.

Clothes in which you feel comfortable for movement

Whole course: € 143,- (for 13 classes / € 11,- per class)
Drop In: € 15,-


If you have any questions feel free to message me.

I am looking forward to guide you through an extraordinary journey to yourself.

Regards from the heart, Sahib Walter Huber. 

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with Lenka Minarikova

Every Wednesday, 6:15 – 7:15 pm
Every Friday, 4:30 – 5:30 pm


Affordable 60 minutes long yoga classes in English in the 7th Bezirk of Vienna.

Based on detailed cueing, each yoga pose and transition can be much more than an exercise. These yoga classes will teach you everything about your body and how to use what muscle to strengthen and lengthen in a safe way. Doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not, yoga is for every type of body and this practice will allow you to live a fuller and better life.

Trial class price: €6
Single class price: €9



with Lenka Minarikova

Every Thursday, 6:30 – 7:45 pm


In the beginning of each class I would like to share and practice with you some wisdom from my meditation about abundance and the sanskrit mantra to chant in order to align with your source of infinite possibilities (which is your truth).

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