Cultural Space


The Gallery & Temple Space

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art is located in the historic Otto Wagner building at Döblergasse 2 (near the corner of Neubaugasse & Neustiftgasse) in Vienna’s artistic & alternative 7th district. Spread across two floors and covering over 500 sq. meters (5,400 sq. feet), the Academy also rents out two large rooms for cultural activities:

  • The Gallery – An adaptable street-front space for workshops, exhibitions, figure drawing and lectures
  • The Temple – A sound-insulated sous-terrain space for mind & body activities such as yoga, integrative dance and concerts

Included in the Cultural Space is the Lounge with a communal kitchen / relaxation area.

Hosting Activities in the Gallery or Temple Space

Gallery Space (80 m2) or Temple Space (80 m2) Price
  Hourly rate to rent a space €25
  Full day (9am – 6pm) €170
  Full day + evening (9am – 9:30pm) €200
  Saturday & Sunday (9am – 9:30pm) €370
  Sat., Sun. (9am – 9:30pm)
  PLUS Fri. evening (7pm – 9:30pm)

TO RESERVE the Gallery or Temple Space,
please send an e-mail to: or
or call the Cultural Space Manager
from Monday to Thursday under: +43 688 6428 1160
from Friday to Sunday under: +43 677 6307 3767

Payment Conditions (cash or bank transfer):
– 30% non-refundable deposit upon reservation
– Balance payment due on event date



Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Gallery Space

The Gallery Space – 5 m. x 16 m. = 80 sq. meters



The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Temple Space

The Temple Space – 5 m. x 16 m = 80 sq. meters


TO RESERVE the Gallery or Temple Space,
please send an e-mail to: or
or call the Cultural Space Manager at: +43 688 6428 1160

 Payment Conditions (cash or bank transfer):
– 30% non-refundable deposit upon reservation
– Balance payment due on event date


The Gallery :
An adaptable street-front space for workshops,
exhibitions, figure drawing classes, lectures…
The Temple : 
A sound-insulated sous-terrain space for mind & body activities 
such as yoga, dance, sound healing, concerts…

The usual rent for the Gallery or the Temple is €25/hour.
For full day and week-end prices, see our website.

SPECIAL OFFER of €15/hour for courses or events
from 7am until 4pm on Week Days
until December 2019 ONLY!







with The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Saturday, December 14th
2:00 – 7:00 pm


We are excited to invite you to the **FIRST ADVENT ART MARKET AT VAVA**

On display will be original paintings, drawings, art prints, postcards, giclées, stickers and handmade crafts, jewelry and sculptures, created by students and teachers of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

* Come meet the Artists
* Visionary Christmas Gifts
* Live Painting
* Christmas Snacks & Drinks


Laurence Caruana
Florence Ménard
Timea Tallian
Janine Fröhlich
Michael Brinker
Stefan Lucas Allen
Kevin Campeau
Alexandra Sulzer
Luke Willimitis
Yasemin B. Duru
Rituja Patil
Simona May
Martin Hauser
Markus Meznik
Julian Messar
Jeremiah Weisbrod
Kuba Ambrose
Vera Atlantia

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with Kevin Campeau
Friday, December 6th
7:00 – 10:00 pm


During the 5-week course, Kevin Campeau’s students explored spontaneous form generation in oils over acrylics.
Through Inner Journeying & Automatic Drawing, they collectively lifted the veil by diving deeply into a myriad of painting techniques.

Come meet the teacher & students from all the world at the second exhibition of the 2019 Fall Trimester!

Teacher : Kevin Campeau

Alex Green
Dave Wilkins
Julian Joel Messar
Jeremiah Weisbrod
Lin Pei Han
Luke Wilimitis
Lynn Michael Ramsey
Martin Hauser-Nechvatal
Michael Brinker
Natalie KS
Rituja Patil
Stefan Lucas Allen
Simona May
Yasemin B. Duru

Free Entrance
Doors Open at 7pm

Facebook event page:


with Vera Atlantia
Sunday, December 1st 
7:30 – 9:30 pm

Welcome to an evening of soul nourishment, inner journeying and celebration of the 1st Advent Sunday.
The main part of the evening will be a guided meditation with focus on the magical essence of Christmas. We will also join our hearts in prayer for friends, family and the whole world.


* Open your heart to the magic of Christmas
* Reconnect with the wonders of childhood
* Receive the Christ Light in your Heart
* Connect with Gods Angels and receive their blessings & guidance
* Join our hearts in prayer
* Relax, recharge and uplift body, mind and soul
* Utilize and refine your inner senses
* Explore the world of symbols and inner images
* Connect with your higher self
* Receive answers from deep within
* Nurture peace, love, joy and other soul qualities in you

You may want to bring a sketchbook & pencil for recording any insights you might have during the meditation.


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with Paula Sita
Sunday, December 1st & 15th
3:00 – 6:30 pm


You will be guided through 7 phases to unblock anything that is holding you back to live a fulfilled life and reconnect with your intuition and authentic self.

By experiencing different aspects of the feminine you will find deep empowerment within yourself. This is medicine. Whatever wants to be seen, heard and expressed has space in this liberation journey. Blocked energies can flow through the various centres of your being and create new awareness and deep healing. You will learn techniques that will help you to activate your feminine power and stop negative self talks to come back to self-love.

The phases are:

1. Goddess circle Meditation to ground yourself to your divine feminine power (Wild & Wise)
2. Opening of the voice and hearts with a circle of ancient chants
3. Authentic Inquiry Process (AIP) – reconnect to your powerful feminine intuition
4. Feminine activation practice 1
5. Feminine activation practice 2
15 min break
6. DANCE journey: 5 Element dance
7. Closing sound healing (integrate your individual processes)

Come as you are. This liberation journey is suitable for anyone who wants to connect with their deep feminine potential and wants to feel alive and aligned in their lives.

Facebook event: https:

with Barbara Wieser
Monday, December 2nd : 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Wednesday, December 4th: 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Come to Kundalini Yoga and experience yourself. Feel your power, your gentleness and depth, the infinite love in your heart and connect with all this. You become more relaxed, your mind becomes clearer and your consciousness expands. For more inner peace and to arrive at your self. From the heart, I invite you to do this experience!

Facebook Page for the 2nd:
Facebook Page for the 4th:


with Asil Toksal
Thursday, December 5th
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Asil will be holding his 3 hour immersions into a deep meditative space of healing and alignment. During summer, Asil has worked on reaching new levels of his capabilities for potent energetic transmissions. He just recently started touring across the globe to deliver the updated work.

This ‘private’ session on Dec 5th is a small group experience, with a clear focus on energetic alignments. Definitely recommended for people, who have experienced group sessions before and want to go deeper.

During the session, we let our minds rest as Asil embodies the celestial entity ‘Raphael,’ who will provide high frequency presence and assistance with various personal misalignments, be they spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. During these ‘private’ sessions, the entities will usually have a message for the group, but will not necessarily be initiating a Q&A.

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with Georg Parlow

Thuesday , December 5th & 19th
6:30 – 9:30 pm


We come together to practice authentic, honest and attentive encounters. We use Classic Authentic Relating Games and some similar dyads.

Authentic Relating’s core practices are
* welcome everything
* expect nothing
* own your experience
* share your experience
* honor self and other

Donations for the rent of the room will be appreciated.

Facebook Event for the 5th: https:

Facebook Event for the 19th: https:


with Angelika Höfner

Friday, December 6th
7:30 – 9:00 pm

In dieser speziellen Meditation nehme ich dich mit auf eine vertiefende Reise zu den Chakren – deinen Haupt-Energiezentren im Körper. Wir beginnen mit Körperwahrnehmungs-Übungen, kommen in Bewegung, Atmen, Tanzen oder Tönen und lassen die ägyptischen Chakra-Öle auf uns wirken.

Wir klären und reinigen unsere Chakren und richten sie neu aus. Dabei starten wir an der Basis – deinem Wurzel-Chakra und bewegen uns Chakra für Chakra nach oben bis zum Kronen-Chakra. An diesem Abend gibt es eine vertiefende Meditation zum 7.Chakra – du schaffst eine Verbindung zum Göttlichen und deiner höheren Führung.

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with Suyana Music

Weekend, December 7th – 8th
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

In ‘Opening of the Voice’, Suyana will guide you through a transformational journey to find your authentic voice, transform insecurities and find freedom in the expression of who you really are.

Suyana’s sensitive and joyful approach has been built upon her own journey of liberating her voice. This has provided her with a foundation that has a richness and first-hand experience of breaking through barriers and always going back to the essence of her work : Making a conscious connection with Source-energy and allow this to flow through your voice.

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with PROBE
Saturday, December 7th: 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Friday, December 27th: 6:30 – 9:30 pm


You’re invited to join us for a unique experience of the abstract universe of sound and music! Pharmasono, which PROBE develops on sound, emphasizes the impact and place of sound on various layers of life and provides an opportunity to step into your inner world. It pursues an integrative approach and is customizable to the group of participants or individuals. You can create gentle and compassionate moments for yourself to tune your body-mind-emotions. The universe of sound, made of the violin, voice, gongs (tamtam), Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, wind chimes, shaman drums, and many percussion instruments, enables the participants to slow down their heartbeats, change their brain waves, decrease their level of stress. It is very similar to the state of consciousness during deep meditation. In time, as the individual gains deeper insight, the attitudes and understanding can open up possibilities for changes in life.

In this workshop, first a brief sharing of theory, followed by various sensorial and physical exercises, called “Part I”, will be performed. Subsequently, the sound and music part, called “Part II” begins, in which you will be active listeners. We will end in silence. If required by the participants, a final part, called “Part III”, will be added-comprised of practical applications and/or dialogues, based on the received feedbacks.

More information for the 7th :
For more information on Dec. 27th:

with the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Special Classes during the Winter Break!
Wednesday, December 11th & 18th
2:00 – 6:00 pm


We are offering a 4 hour class for all levels lead by Stefan Lucas Allen, who will guide you through the whole session.
From short poses to warm up to longer poses, you will learn how to develop a better drawing through proportions of the body, anatomy, light & shadows, and more…

Facebook Event:

with Katharina Cont
Friday, December 13th
6:00 – 10:00 pm


Der Power2Be-Frauenzirkel ist eine Workshop-Reihe nur für Frauen zu unterschiedlichen Themen rund um Weiblichkeit & Frausein. An diesem Abend sind wir alle Schwestern. Wir respektieren, unterstützen und achten einander.

Im Workshop “Entfesselung der Archetypen” erfährst du mehr über:
– die unterschiedlichen weiblichen Urkräfte & Archetypen
– Blockaden & Hemmungen und wie du sie lösen kannst
– Praktische Anwendbarkeit im Alltag
– Dynamik der Archetypen zwischen Mann und Frau

Es kommen praktische Übungen, leichte Bewegung, Gruppenreflexionen und geführte Meditationen zur Anwendung.

Erfahre & spüre dich in deiner Weiblichkeit und befreie dein volles Potential als Frau!

Facebook page:

with Daniel Giuliani
Friday, December 20th
7:00 – 10:00 pm


Mein Verstand schweigt, meine Aufmerksamkeit ist vollkommen bei mir und ich spüre und genieße das Vibrieren in jeder Zelle. ” – Eine Trommeltrance Teilnehmerin

Eine schamanische Trommeltrance ist eine ganz besonderes und individuelles Erlebnis zu einem bestimmten ThemaNach kurzen Vorübungen, um bei Dir anzukommen, findet die Trommeltrance in themenabhängigen Sonderfällen auch bewegt, meistens jedoch passiv im liegen statt. Das ermöglicht Dir, Dich voll und ganz auf Die Trommel einzulassen. Durch die Klänge der Trommel wirst Du in einen wachen Trancezustand geführt.
Grund dafür ist der sogenannte Alpha- und Thetawellenzustand, der durch die Schwingungsfrequenz der Trommel initiiert wird

Die Trommeltrance lässt dich

+emotionale Spannungen und Probleme wahrnehmen und bewältigen.
+ neue Perspektiven und Erkenntnisse erhalten.
+loslassen was nicht zu dir gehört.
+Energie und Selbstvertrauen tanken.
+neue persönliche Ressourcen entdecken.
+Kontakt mit deinen Krafttieren aufnehmen
+eine kraftvolle Erfahrung mit dir selbst erleben.
+der Lösung deines Themas einen Schritt näher zu kommen.

Egal, ob Du mit einem Thema beschäftigt bist, nach dem Arbeitstag Entspannung suchst, eine Reise anstrebst oder einfach etwas Neues ausprobieren möchtest, ich freue mich auf Dich.

more info:

with Heinrich Mayr
Friday, December 29th 
7:00 – 10:00 pm


Circling, auch interpersonale oder intersubjektive Meditation genannt, ist eine immer weiter verbreitete Praxis, in der man authentischen Impulsen und Bedürfnissen in Beziehung zu anderen Menschen nachspürt. “Was nehme ich gerade wahr und wie wird meine Wirklichkeit durch das Feedback des Anderen verändert?” Man schafft gemeinsam einen Raum, in dem man größtmögliche Nähe und Verbundenheit erlebt, und gleichzeitig jeden Impuls, der in dieser Nähe und Verbindung entsteht, ganz bewusst wahrnimmt und mit anderen teilt. Der Hauptfokus wird dabei auf körperliche und emotionale Wahrnehmungen gerichtet.

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with Matan Levkowich
Every Tuesday 
7:17 – 9:15 pm   


The MI classes are taught by Matan Levkowich, founder of Movement Lab. The main objective of the classes is to help you developing a physical relationship with your body. By doing so, you can learn more on how your body functions, expand your physical capacity and regain your freedom of movement. On the long term, studying your body will enable you to understand what causes pain and how to reduce it, and prevent physical limitations and injuries.

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with Yoga with Matías
Every Wednesday 
8:00 – 9:00 am  


If you are interested on charging and renewing your energy midweek, on relaxing and clearing your mind, I would be happy to meet you at the Pranayama and Kriyas sessions.

“Pranayama” means control or expansion of the breath: through breathing exercises one is able to influence the flow of prana in the nadis, the energy channels.
“Shatkriyas” means six actions: also shortened as “Kriyas”, are exercises for purifying and cleansing of the body. Notice that the ones which we will be practising are simple, everyday Kriyas which anyone can do.
“Mudras” (gestures) and “Bandhas” (locks) may also be part of the session. A mudra may involve the whole body in a combination of asana, pranayama, bandha and visualization techniques, or it may be a simple hand position. The bandhas aim to lock the pranas in particular areas and redirect their flow.

What should you bring? Comfortable clothes and an empty stomach, as for some of the exercises we are going to move the abdominal organs and belly.

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with Lenka Minarikova
Every Wednesday, 6:15 – 7:15 pm
Every Friday, 4:30 – 5:30 pm 

The freshest yoga classes in Vienna!

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Language the classes are in: English

Price: single class – €10
When: Please make sure to come at least 10-15 min before the class begins. The door closes at the beginning of each class and late yogis won’t be able to join since it would disturb the class. Hope you understand,)

Level: All classes have an ‘open level’. That means that beginners as well as more advanced students can join.

What to bring: Bring something comfortable to wear and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat, there are some available to borrow.

More info on:

Facebook Link:


with Sahib Walter Huber
Every Wednesday
5:45 – 7:15 pm – in the Temple

Herzlich Willkommen zum neuen Kundalini Yoga Trimester Kurs in Wien! Eine wahrlich zauberhafte Erfahrung wartet auf Dich!

(Zum letzten Mal in Wien!)

Jeden Mittwoch von 18. September bis 18. Dezember 2019

(außer 30.11.) 17:45-19:15 Uhr, im Temple

Erfahre den Zauber von Kundalini Yoga in einem der magischsten Veranstaltungsräume Wiens! Inmitten einer Bildergallerie von fantastischen Welten der Visionären Kunst finden wir gemeinsam die Verbindung zu unserem Wahren Wesen. Kundalini Yoga ist eine der schönsten und wundervollsten Möglichkeiten Yoga zu erfahren und ein außergewöhnliches Geschenk zur Selbstverwirklichung. Die dabei praktizierten Übungen sind leicht zu erlernen und machen große Freude. Sie sind vielseitig und bewegt und eignen sich für Menschen jeden Alters. Kundalini Yoga fördert nachhaltig die Gesundheit, stärkt deine Nerven, weckt neue Lebensfreude in dir, bringt innere Ruhe, Klarheit und Vertrauen. Es gibt dir die Kraft den Herausforderungen des täglichen Lebens mit Freude und Leichtigkeit zu begegnen. In diesem Kurs erlernst du alle Grundlegenden Elemente des Kundalini Yoga, wie Asanas (Körperübungen), Pranayama (Atemübungen), Mantras (Kraftworte), Mudras (Handsiegel), Bandhas (Körperschleusen), Kriyas (Übungsreihen), Meditationen und tiefe Entspannung. Gemeinsam begeben wir uns jede Stunde auf eine zauberhafte Reise zu uns Selbst.

Mitzubringen: Bewegungsfreundliche Kleidung, eventuell Wasserflasche, im Bedarfsfall ein Sitzkissen, gerne eine eigene Yogamatte (es gibt aber ausreichend Matten vor Ort)

Ganzer Kurs: € 169,- (für 13 Einheiten/entspricht € 13,- pro Einheit)
Ermäßigter Sozialpreis für Geringverdiener auf Anfrage möglich.
Einzelne Stunde/Drop In: € 17,-

Anmeldung und Infos über meine Website: oder

Kursleitung: Sahib Walter Huber

Sahib Walter Huber ist Kundalini Yoga Lehrer mit mehr 14 Jahren Erfahrung. Mit viel Liebe und großer Hingabe unterrichtete er bereits in vielen Ländern der Erde. Als ganzheitlicher Lebensberater und Energetiker unterstützt er seit vielen Jahren Menschen auf ihrem Weg zu mehr Gesundheit, Lebensfreude und Glück. In wundersamen Kakao Zeremonien führt er Menschen zu einer tief gehenden Verbindung mit sich Selbst und der Welt und unterstützt sie ihr Herz für die Schönheit des Lebens zu öffnen. Ein letztes Mal unterrichtet er nun einen Kundalini Yoga Kurs in Wien.

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with Matan Levkowich
every Monday starting October 7th
7:15 – 9:15 pm in the Temple


Increase of Awareness

If the way you train contains only repetitive patterns that you do mindlessly, you might get some benefits but you are missing the most important ingredient – body awareness. Without increasing awareness there could not be a real change in the way you use your body. The MI classes are designed to help you increase your awareness to your body in stillness and more important, in motion.

Learning to fail

Failure and improvement go hand in hand. Humans learn movement by first failing at it. We did it as babies and we keep doing it as adults. Learning how to deal with failure in a positive manner is crucial point for long term success and improvement. In the MI classes we supply you with tools to understand failure and to become more and more independence in your learning process. At the end of the day, we know that you are your best teacher and we help you discover it.

Making it pleasurable

To keep you engage in the practice, we make sure that it is not only ‘good’ for you but that you will actually enjoy it while doing it. Everybody wants a healthy capable body but no one wants to do some boring, repetitive training routine.

The MI classes are playful and in constant evolution and change. In the classes you will play partner games, group tasks individual problem solving tasks to keep you fresh and interested. We understand that your time is valuable for you and we will make sure that you feel alive in every second!

Moving away from your comfort zone

You need to be challenged to keep evolving. Constant success represent failure in continued learning. But comfort zone is an individual thing, some needs to push more and some need to learn how to rest…

In the MI classes, we design the difficultly level according to each individual participant and we make sure that you will learn to recognise the borders of your capacity and learn how to exit your comfort zone in a safe and productive manner.

for more information:


with Nicolás Bertucci
Every Monday
7:45 – 9:45 pm in the Gallery


Tango Milonguero  wie er in den Milongas in Buenos Aires getanzt wird.
Dieser fortlaufende Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger als auch Personen mit Tango Argentino Vorkenntnissen.

Neu Dazustossende bitten wir mit Tanzpartner zu kommen. Um besseren Lerneffekt zu erzielen und Automatismen zu vermeiden werden Tanzpartner im Kurs getauscht. Einstieg jederzeit möglich.

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With Paula Sita
Every Tuesday 
6:00 – 7:15 pm in the Gallery


In every Vinyasa flow class, we will go deep into each chakra and its element, energy body and orientation to the self, which will also form our intention for each class.

We will go within and meditate, do breathe-work (pranayama) and come into a nice flow.
Mudras and mantras will help us to connect and align with each chakra and feel grounded.

Chakras and intentions for each week:

1. Root Chakra – Reclaiming the temple of the body
2. Sacral Chakra – Swimming in the waters of difference
3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Burning our way into power
4. Heart Chakra – Finding the balance in Love
5. Throat Chakra – Vibrating into Expression
6. Third Eye Chakra – Seeing our way through
7. Crown Chaka – Opening to the mystery of heaven
8. Balancing flow through all the chakras

for more information:


with Anita König

Every Tuesday Morning starting October 15th
9:00 – 10:00 am in the Gallery


Was dich erwartet:
Wir beginnen den Unterricht mit sanften Yoga Übungen, um den Körper aufzuwärmen.Danach werden wir verschiedene Pranayamas (Atemübungen) machen. Jede Übung wird in ihrer Abfolge und Wirkung genau erklärt.
Die ersten Übungen sind dazu da, den Atemapparat sanft zu öffnen, um einen tieferen Atem zu erlangen. Danach gehen wir über zu den spezifischen Atemübungen. Andere Inhalte werden sein: Mudras (Hand- und Fingerstellungen) und Bandhas (Kontraktion verschiedener Körperregionen).

Grundsätzlich dient ein tieferer Atem dem Allgemeinen Wohlbefinden von Körper, Geist und Seele.
Es gibt Atem Techniken, die für einen besseren Schlaf förderlich sind und andere geben viel Energie.
Die entspannenden Pranayamas können körperlichen oder seelischen Stress abbauen; die vitalisierenden Pranayamas können einen besseren Energiefluss in den Energiekanälen des Körpers bewirken.

Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch und/oder Englisch (je nach Bedarf)

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with Christian Somogyi
Every Thursday starting September 26th
7:40 pm – 9:10 pm

In my self-defense course, strategies and techniques are taught to ward off attacks in a targeted and sustained manner. With simple techniques, you learn to defend yourself against a physically superior opponent! You do not need a lot of strength or special acrobatic skills to do that. It is an effective form of self-defense based on a South Chinese Kung Fu system – Wing Tsung Kung Fu.

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