Cultural Space

The Gallery & Temple Space

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art is located in the historic Otto Wagner building at Döblergasse 2 (near the corner of Neubaugasse & Neustiftgasse) in Vienna’s artistic & alternative 7th district. Spread across two floors and covering over 500 sq. meters (5,400 sq. feet), the Academy also rents out two large rooms for cultural activities:

  • The Gallery – An adaptable street-front space for workshops, exhibitions, figure drawing and lectures
  • The Temple – A sound-insulated sous-terrain space for mind & body activities such as yoga, integrative dance and concerts

Included in the Cultural Space is the Lounge with a communal kitchen / relaxation area.

Hosting Activities in the Gallery or Temple Space

Gallery Space (80 m2) or Temple Space (80 m2) Price
Hourly rate to rent a space €25
Full day (9am – 6pm) €170
Full day + evening (9am – 9:30pm) €200
Saturday & Sunday (9am – 9:30pm) €370
Sat., Sun. (9am – 9:30pm) PLUS Fri. evening (7pm – 9:30pm) €390

Payment Conditions (cash or bank transfer):
- 30% non-refundable deposit upon reservation
- Balance payment due on event date


Gallery Space

Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Gallery Space

The Gallery Space – 5 m. x 16 m. = 80 sq. meters

To reserve the Gallery Space,
please send an e-mail to:


Temple Space

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Temple Space

The Temple Space – 5 m. x 16 m = 80 sq. meters

To reserve the Temple Space,
please send an e-mail to:


Event Calendar

Upcoming Events:





Friday 27th April 2018
8:30pm – 10:30pm

 kitana project a

RhytmnSphere I * breaths melting into rhythms and voices painting into a surreal sound, the night.

Kitana Project (didgeridoo, frame drum, overtone flutes and guitar) and her special guest Nicola Romeo (didgeridoo) will offer you a part of their experience in the art of didgeridoo rhythmical playing.

Kitana Project Project/Iulia Grigorie, a Romanian musician, artist and composer, dedicated her past years to sound travels, busking in more than 100 cities, from numerous countries and performing in museums, venues, chapels, festivals, demos, academies and competitions around Europe. Working with exquisite musicians, artists, dancers and poets she discovered her unique vision and style of sound and art.

Nicola Romeo Didgeridoo is a didgeridoo player and composer from Palermo, Italy. Despite growing up in a scientific environment, develops a great passion for music which leads him to become a musician. He encounters the didgeridoo during his travels in Australia, but it’s in Vienna where he decides to dedicate, with love and immense commitment, to this ancient instrument.

Besides its archaic, liquid and transcendental sound forms, didgeridoo is also a controlled breathing organic device and a portal that can lead to dance, joy and contemplation.

Tickets: 20 €



ad sacrum

“Ad Sacrum”

A retrospective Exhibition of Original Artwork
by Laurence Caruana

19th April - 8th May 2018

Gallery open every day except Wednesday

14:00 – 18:00


Join us for a Special Evening with

Laurence Caruana
Director of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

For a Retrospective Exhibition of his Work
from the past 25 years, AD SACRUM,
in conjunction with the launch of his new book
Sacred Codes: The Forgotten Principles of Painting – Revived by Visionary Art
Including a Visual Presentation on his art, writing and founding of the academy – all as part of a greater vision to create a space for spiritual art & transformation called The Apocryphon Chapel.

On his painting:

“The art of Laurence Caruana explores the interplay of art, myth and dreams. Detailed, precise, with a fine line and accomplished hand, Caruana’s work manifests the imagery typical of Visionary experience. More uniquely, his work combines symbols and styles from different cultural mythologies.”

A Description of the book from the back cover:

“Written in clear lucid prose by an experienced painter, these 700 pages distill years of academy lecturing and a lifetime of historical approaches to painting. Loaded with practical knowledge and new discoveries, SACRED CODES is an essential companion to all serious artists – a treasure-trove of insider knowledge, craftsmen’s secrets, and tricks of the trade.”

Thursday April 19th at 7pm : Opening of the Exhibition and Launch of his book “Sacred Codes, The forgotten principles of painting revived by Visionary Art”
Friday April 20th until Tuesday May 8th : The VAVA Gallery will be open to the public from 2-6pm to see the exhibition (Monday to Sunday except Wednesdays).

Free entrance – Child Friendly

with Victoria Lozar & Nicole Costerus

Saturday & Sunday 5th – 6th May 2018

10:00 – 17:00

rising of the witches

Are your natural intuitive abilities longing to be remembered?

☥ Our intention for this weekend is to provide a space in which you can fully relax into the power of your instinctive nature and find the trust in your intuition again.

This power loves you, she wants to hold you like a mother and she wants to help you heal and transform. She wants to be seen for what she really is and she wants to be embodied by you.

In our society there are many projections about our intuitive powers and instinctive nature and she doesn’t really get the space that she needs. Even you might be afraid of her or suppress her.
But this power wants to be allowed to come through, as she is pure love.

When you are a channel for the power of this Truth, you will be able to see beyond eyes, hear beyond ears and know beyond mind.
This sets you Free.

►We are happy to offer you a warm, safe and cosy space in the womb of the earth. Guarded & supported by our spirit guides & Witches who love us unconditionally.

This weekend is a Deep Initiation into your natural Intuitive abilities. We travel through:

Awakening our intuition by opening our psychic abilities; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience
Connecting with Spirit Guides & the Spirit World
Mystical dance & Meditative journey’s
Sounding & intuitive movement
Herbal & Crystal magic
Channeling your own Medicine
Working with tarot, oracles & symbols
Rituals & Spells


We warmly welcome you into this Deep Remembrance.


My name is Nicole Costerus
Since the age of 8 years old I have been inspired by intuition and magical potential.
For the past 14 years I have been attending deep programs intensively on Emotional Freedom, Enlightenment, Empowerment, English Mediumship and Mysteries of the Divine Feminine.
I now travel the world, inspiring women like you to connect to Intuition, Inner Guidance & Magical Potential.

My name is Victoria Lozar and I am a holistic dance teacher, performer and coach from Austria, living in Vienna.
During the last 10 years I immersed myself into various self-healing practices, expressive arts and dance techniques such as Trancedance, Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Indian Temple Dance, Yoga, Improvisation Theatre, Dance Therapy and Hypnotherapy.
I love empowering women like you on your path of authentic womanhood.


►Practical information about the Weekend
Date: 5&6 May 2018
Location: Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Cultural Space, Döblergasse 2,
1070 Vienna
Price Weekend: €222,-
Language: English
We have space for 12 women

Sign up here:


Come and join our circle and experience
the Magic of your Ancient Medicine Woman.


Erwachen der weiblichen Urkraft
with Victoria Lozar
Tuesdays 7 – 9:15pm
Ten Evenings – March 6 – May 29. 2018





Temple Space der Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Döblergasse 2, 1070 Wien

►SCHNUPPERSTUNDE: 27.Februar. 2018
► KURSBEGINN: 6. März. 2018
insgesamt 10 Einheiten
6.3, 13.3, 20.3, 3.4, 10.4, 17.4, 24.4, 15.5, 22.5, und 29.5
Jeweils von 19:00 bis 21:15 Uhr

Schnuppern : 10€
Early Bird: 230€ (gültig bis 19.2.2018)
Normal: 250€
Anmeldeschluss: 28.Februar
Anzahlung: 100€

ACHTUNG: Max. TeilnehmerInnenanzahl: 12 Frauen

- Bequeme Kleidung (lockere Hosen, Leggings, Röcke etc.)
- Wasserflasche

Ich bin ganzheitliche Tanzpädagogin, Coachin und Performancekünstlerin und möchte mit meiner Arbeit dazu beitragen, dass Frauen sich daran erinnern welch unglaubliche Kraft, Schönheit und Wildheit in ihnen steckt. In meiner Frauenheilarbeit geht es für mich vor allem um die Selbstliebe, Kreativität und Selbstermächtigung.
Neben meiner Ausbildung in Integralem Coaching (United Creations), Ganzheitlicher Tanzpädagogik (Sabine Parzer) und Tempeltanz (Zola Dubnikova) habe ich zahlreiche Weiterbildungen in Hip Hop, Bauchtanz, Tribal Fusion, Modern Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, Jade Ei Arbeit und Theaterpädagogik besucht und bin ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Inspirationen.
Für mehr Infos besucht doch gerne meine Website!


Find out more at the Facebook Event page


Sunday 15th April 2018
6pm – 8pm



 Dear all of you !!!
III Shamanic Singing Ceremony Circle will take place in Vienna… We are preparing our path towards Moon Dance Ceremony next June 2018 and with this intention we are gathering in singing Circles in Graz , Vienna and Waldviertel…
Together we will rise our songs with much love, and intentions so the medicine of this One Heart Circle can be felt all over .. our hearts, family, friends… spirits!!

You are must welcome to join and rise your voice and learn all the beautiful ancient songs and medicines songs that we will be singing at the Moon Dance Ceremony…. our songs are in English, German, Spanish, Nahualt and Lakota.

This Shamanic Medicine Singing Circle… is base on the power and Rythm of the Sacred Ceremonial Drum *Huehuetl*… is only one Drumm guiding the Ceremony… so bring shakers and your open spirit . Together we learn this Ancestral way of singing with the Power of our voices and the Power of the Drumm. AHO!!

A Great Ceremony to dive in to Sacred Space and connect with our inner POWER and HEART.

Support: 20 bis 40 Euro…
Founds to buy our Ceremonial Moon Dance Drum
As you can as you want !! Thanks a lot.

Shakers, … and your open Warrior Spirit!!!

17:45. Arriving
18:00 Opening Ceremony & Moon Dance Introduction
18:15 Singing Circle
20:00 Closing Ceremony

Please be on time so we can rise all together this special night.. AHOOO!!!

For all my relations…
Moon Dance Austria


With Nicolás Bertucci
Every Monday Evening ~ 7:45 pm – 9:30 pm
From January 8th onwards


Tango Milonguero wie er in den Milongas in Buenos Aires getanzt wird.

Dieser fortlaufende Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger als auch Personen mit Tango Argentino Vorkenntnissen.

Neu Dazustossende bitten wir mit Tanzpartner zu kommen.

Um besseren Lerneffekt zu erzielen und Automatismen zu vermeiden werden Tanzpartner im Kurs getauscht. Einstieg jederzeit möglich.

Anwendungsorientierte Selbstverteidigung
With Christian Somogyi
Every Thursday Evening ~ 7 pm – 8:30 pm
From January 11th to March 15th


In meinem Selbstverteidigungskurs werden Strategien und Techniken gelehrt, Angriffe gezielt und nachhaltig abzuwehren.

Mit einfachen Techniken lernen Sie, sich gegen einen körperlich überlegenen Gegner zur Wehr zu setzten!

Dafür benötigt man keine große Kraft oder besondere akrobatische Fähigkeiten. Es ist eine effiziente Art der Selbstverteidigung, die auf einem südchinesischen Kung Fu System basiert.

Ziel des Kurses: Selbstsicherheit, Abwehren von Angriffen, Stärkung des persönlichen Sicherheitsgefühls

Ich freue mich schon auf Euer Erscheinen! 


Wann: Donnerstag von 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr
Start: 11.01.2018
Dauer: 11.01.2018 – 15.03.2018 (insg. 10 Einheiten)
Wo: Vienna Academy of Visionary Art – Cultural Space, Döblergasse. 2, 1070
Kosten: die erste Schnupperstunde ist gratis
130€ gesamter Kurs (oder 120€ vorab)
Kleidung: einfaches, bequemes Gewand

Leitung: Mag. Christian Somogyi
2. Lehrergrad Wing Tsung und 1. Lehrergrad Escrima
Ausgebildeter Wing Tsung Trainer (14 Jahren Unterrichtserfahrung)

Anmeldung unter:
Für nähere Informationen können Sie mich auch unter 0650/7031149 erreichen.

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Yoga Course for Beginners
Hosted by Yoga in English – Wien
with Karolina Kalamajska
Mondays 19:15 – 20:45 – March 19 – May 7, 2018



Mondays from March 19 – May 7. 2018 from 19:15 – 20:45
Exact dates of classes: March 19th, 26th, April 9th, 23, 30, May 7th.
The course is a set of 6 classes designed for those who have never tried yoga before.

Hear what others have to say about the course:

What do you get:
– a guarantee of reaching yoga skills that will allow you to have a 30-minute long yoga session on YOUR OWN by the end of this course!
– personalized approach
– membership in an online private group platform where you can receive an immediate respond to your doubts at ANY TIME!
– 6 yoga sessions that are a perfect mix between the ancient yoga & the modern approach
– experienced yoga instructor

During the course you will learn:
- basic asanas (poses), their correct performance and therapeutic applications
- variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) and their holistic applications
- variety of meditation techniques
- most ancient and sacred mantras used in traditional yoga in India
- hand yoga: mudras and their meanings
- yoga philosophy from ancient yogic texts
- Ayurveda

Who for? This course is for everybody who wants to begin the journey of yoga. It is also suitable for people with injuries and for people for whom the regular yoga classes are too quick. This course is for people who like to be treated individually and who like to have an opportunity to ask questions.

Where? How much? When?
The course lasts 6 weeks (with a break on Easter Monday & Monday the 16th of April due to the booked up space. Each session lasts 90 minutes. The course begins on the 19th of March and ends on the 7th of May 2018.

The place is:
The Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts
Döblergasse 2 (near the corner of Neubaugasse & Neustiftgasse)
1070 Vienna.

The price is: €110 for the whole course. Payment till March 18th can be done by bank transfer (Karolina Kalamajska, IBAN: AT67 1200 0100 0279 7271) or in the online store ( The participants will need their own yoga mats. Advise on buying a yoga mat available here:

The language of the course is English & Polish

Want to know your teacher better?

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

Hope to see you on the mat!

Find out more at the Facebook Event page


VAVA Spring Figure Drawing

with Stefan Allen

Wednesday 14:00 – 18:00

 figure drawing

You’re welcome to join The VAVA Spring Season Figure Drawing classes!

Wednesdays April 18th, 25th, May 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th and June 6th, 2018.

From 2 till 6 pm (please arrive 10 minutes before to get settled, class starts at 2pm sharp)

Please bring your own drawing material (sketch book, pencil, eraser).

Our American guest teacher of this Spring Trimester,
Stefan Allen, will be teaching and giving you advise on your drawing if you like.



with Melanie Delval

19:30 – 22:00 in the Temple


April 26th – encounter mother Earth

May 10th – flow creating your future

May 17th – healing the inner child with love