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Online Workshop Fundraisers
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This workshop series was created as fundraisers to support the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, who have permanently closed their doors in response to the global pandemic.

We were inspired to take this unique fundraising opportunity to share some of the offerings that only students who traveled to Vienna were previously able to experience.  

Descriptions of the
Online Fundraiser Workshops

After the inaugural workshop on Sunday August 30th,
the Second Series of Workshops takes place on

Sunday, August 30
Backgrounds: Order Out of Chaos

with Olga Klimova

In this workshop, Olga Klimova will lead our students on how to start their paintings in quick and fun ways with acrylics while getting complex, organic, and very detailed natural patterns which helps boost creativity and vision.  

Different methods of applying the first layer of white acrylic paint over black background will be introduced during this workshop. Painting with different media, pouring paint mixed with water and working with gravity, decalcomania techniques using acetate and soft plastic, subtraction method, using different types of brushes for different effects, using spray bottle, water resistant spray– all the techniques and media will be shown that make painting a playful, meditative and enjoyable experience. 

Then Olga will demonstrate how the second layer is applied in the form of acrylic glaze over the first layer of whites after it dries. The third layer is building up the whites over the color glaze. Switching back and forth between the layers of semi-transparent whites and color glazes, we start seeing the desired effect of this mixed technique of painting as well as pulling shapes and meaning out of emerging patterns.

Saturday, September 5
Energy Lines
with Amanda Sage

Rippling waves of transparent vibration
describe energetic frequency emanating around all matter. 

Beyond visual perception they are like inter-connective tissue
weaving patterns of something mostly felt until seen in a work of art.

In this workshop I will share a presentation revealing my process,
then together with the class create a new painting exploring these concepts.

Saturday, September 12
Magic In Art
with Alecia Sacred Heart 

At the heart of all human creativity lies Magic.  Magic can be defined as the use of intention to change physical reality, and all artwork performs this function.  Art is the tangible intersection of spiritual and material realms.  This course aims to illuminate the magical potential of every piece of art you create.  

Alecia will offer a meditation to build a bridge between the world of visions, and tools we create to inspire and teach. We will ask Spirit for a message.  After being reminded of your power of intention you will be invited to express this message in your favorite medium; pencil, ink, paint… words, images, song.  All mediums and forms of expression are invited to participate in this journey.  

There will be an opportunity to share your message, where your intention may be witnessed by a loving community. 

Saturday, September 19
Landscapes with Depth
with Stefan Lucas Allen 

What makes a landscape take your breath away? What is it that humbles us when we stand before jagged mountains, turquoise lakes and billowing monolithic clouds? And most importantly…

HOW do we paint it?

We will start with an inspirational presentation that dives into many landscapes of various master artists, and then go into a guided inner journey offered by academy director, Florence Ménard, aimed at discovering a thread, a feeling, a matrix of energy to support our creation. Then Stefan will demonstrate an improvised landscape that you may follow along with as closely or loosely as you wish.

Saturday, October 3
Home Is Where the HeART Is
with Jonathan Solter 

In this workshop Jonathan will lead you through his process in creating immersive landscapes and the architecture that lives in them.  After a quick introduction and lecture, Jonathan will start a demonstration on canvas using acrylics.  As Jonathan works through the first steps in his creation you are welcomed to start your own canvas, following along while implementing his direction and methods.  Jonathan will cover such topics as initial brainstorming and inspiration, color theory, perspective, immersive landscapes and the temples that live in them. 

Saturday, October 10 
Through the Eyes of Spirit
with Li Lian Kolster

In this workshop, Li Lian Kolster will lead you on a journey to paint the eye of your spirit animal.  During the first portion of this workshop she will guide you on an inner journey to discover your animal’s eye.  

Li Lian will demonstrate how to paint her eye using acrylics, showing you her process of mixing the range of colors helpful to achieve a realistic effect.  You are invited to print or find reference for this exercise.  

Saturday, October 17 & 24
Tut’s Palette: Paint Like an Egyptian
with Timea Tallian

This workshop will open up an opportunity to travel back in time to explore the art of Tut´s homeland. Based on original artefacts and Museum´s research, Timea Tallian is introducing art materials and techniques used by Egyptian artists more than 1500 years ago. Beside the technical art history she will also show you how to make materials yourself and demonstrate how to imitate the original pigments using modern substitutes. Thus we will make Egyptian palettes, very similar in appearance to the original ones.

Apart from this we will delve into the ancient symbols of the Nile Culture.

For the second practical part we will be using the image of the scarab. This shimmering jewel like dung beetle was very significant as a symbol of regeneration – death and rebirth. Participants will have one week time to transfer (template provided) and to create their own scarab design and prepare the paper support for the practical part. Together we will colour the scarab using gouache paint (using the Egyptian palette) step by step and learn about tricks and methods about using watercolour in general.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Saturday, October 31 
Journey into your Inner Sanctuary 
and Paint your Watcher at the Gate
with Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard

      In this final workshop of the fundraiser series, Florence Ménard will lead you on a vision journey to the source of your creative power. But, ever and always, a watcher stands at the gate. In celebration of Hallowe’en, Samhain and the full moon, we will visualize this guardian at the threshold, whose angelic-demonic face guards and protects the source of your creative power. 

      After a presentation on the apotropaic ‘face of glory’ (kirtimukha, gorgon, taotie…), Laurence Caruana will guide you through the construction of a three-toned sculptural drawing, learning how to visualize the face from its third eye, how to curve lines of the crown and hair around a hidden armature, and how to translate its sculptural shapes into graduated shades of light and darkness.  

     For fun at the end, everyone will be invited to share their experience of the journey and the resulting work of art, then leave the space voluntarily while everyone is listening or dancing to music.

     This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. The class runs until 10 pm, followed by an extra hour (optional) for sharing and dancing!

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