2018-19 Programme

The 2018-19 Programme is composed of the Academic Year (Fall, Winter and Spring Trimesters) and the Summer Seminar

The 2018-19 Academic Year

FALL TRIMESTER: September 17th – December 7th 2018

  • Oleg Korolev (Sep 17th – Oct 26th) – Egg Tempera & Oil
  • 1 week break: 27th Oct – 4th Nov
  • Autumn Skye Morrison (Nov 5th – Dec 7th 2018) – Acrylic
WINTER BREAK – 4 weeks from December 8th until January 6th 2019

WINTER TRIMESTER: January 7th – March 22nd 2019

  • Ihti Anderson (Jan 7th – Feb 8th) – Acrylic & Oils
  • 1 week break: 9th – 17th February
  • Laurence Caruana (Feb 18th – March 22nd) – Mischtechnik

SPRING BREAK: 2 weeks from March 23rd until April 7th

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SPRING TRIMESTER: April 8th – June 21st 2019

  • Amanda Sage (Apr 8th – May 10th) – Mischtechnik
  • (1 week break from May 11th to 19th)
  • Kuba Ambrose (May 20th – June 21st) – Mischtechnik

The 2019 Summer Seminar


  • Daniel Mirante – Mischtechnik
  • Olga Klimova – Acrylics & Oils
  • Kevin Campeau – Acrylics & Oils

For information on how the Programmes are structured, please see our Info & Tuition page

2018 Fall Trimester


The 2018 Fall Trimester is divided into two 5-week segments: The first half with Oleg Korolev and the second half with Autumn Skye Morrison.

During the First Half of the Trimester Oleg Korolev will transmit Classical Academy methods based on drawing from life, and share Visionary techniques for receiving image impressions, to create a complex composition in a two layered alla prima approach – beginning in white, black & brown tempera and finishing in oils.

During the Second Half of the Trimester Autumn Skye Morrison will show you how to delicately layer acrylics, working from reference & imagination. Looking deeply into the mirror of the canvas, you will be invited to see the world & yourself in new ways, weaving depth & personal symbolism into your painting.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

Trimester options:

2019 Winter Trimester

2019 Winter trimester_banner-LC

The 2019 Winter Trimester is divided into two 5-week segments: The first half with Ihti Anderson and the second half with Laurence Caruana.

During the First Half of the Trimester Ihti Anderson will give you the keys to express your inner sacred world. Combining a variety of media ~ from Fluorescent Acrylics, Airbrushing & Digital Art to Oils on Canvas, you will learn how to see volumes & perspective, heights & depths, and even the rules of Beauty & Perfection.

During the Second Half Laurence Caruana will explore The Alchemy of Traditional Painting Methods like Oil & Egg Tempera combined in the Mischtechnik, to help you pursue Sacred Codes of the painter’s craft ~ armature, geometry & harmonic design ~ from a variety of traditions.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

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Trimester options:

2019 Spring Trimester

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The 2019 Spring Trimester is divided into two 5-week segments: The first half with Amanda Sage and the second half with Kuba Ambrose.

During the First Half of the Trimester, Amanda Sage will guide you on an adventurous journey into refining technical skill & personal vision, while learning about materials & methods of traditional painting in acrylic, casein, oil & egg tempera. A life changing experience awaits as you learn to let go & listen to your heArt ~ trusting in the process of image creation.

During the Second Half of the Trimester, Kuba Ambrose will pursue Symbolism both in your art & your life to create an oil & egg tempera painting in the Mischtechnik on a wooden panel. We will look into the origins of vision & inspiration to give birth to an imaginative work of art that explores all aspects of colour harmony, tone, proportion and traditional artist’s materials

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

Trimester options:


Reservation Deposit for Diploma Programme 2018-19

Deposit: €600

Balance Payment for the Academic Year 2018-19

Payment is required by Bank Transfer. Please email Florence Ménard at office@academyofvisionaryart.com.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the Academy by letter or email.
  • Refunds will not be given once the trimester has commenced.
  • Once a Trimester has started, only in the case of serious medical condition will a refund of the Balance Payment be given in the form of credit for a future course. Otherwise tuition is non refundable.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, visa, and health insurance (See Moving to Vienna for recommendations).
  • The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and faculty when necessary.