Summer Online Painting Intensive
July 4 – Aug 1, 2020


With Guest Teachers Timea Tallian, Joe Bob Merritt,
and assistant Alecia Sacred Heart. 



This Workshop is a collaboration between Amanda Sage
and the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art 
to offer an alternative
to the cancelled 2020 Spring & Summer Seminars in Italy.

We are offering this intensive to help recover the losses
resulting from the pandemic.

Based on Amanda’s popular painting workshops ‘Painting with Light’ & ‘Mixtek Mystics’,
this online course will be an evolution, bridging worlds with a digital platform to include more artists than ever before.
All levels of experience are invited to join – you just have to be curious and willing!

A journey of transformation awaits as participants are guided
from the beginning of a painting through completion,
following a step-by-step process
based on the Mischtechnik in acrylic and oil. 

The Mischtechnik is a method of developing a painting in layers,
traditionally using egg tempera and oil paint. Originating in the early Renaissance with artists
such as Hieronymus Bosch it was reinterpreted by the Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs in the 1950’s
and was influential in seeding the contemporary Visionary Art movement with its fascinating expression of light.
Amanda has developed a practical system that offers a variety of techniques and perspectives
that will change the way you see, and empower you to go deeper into the image.

“We will transform as we dive into the shadows to reveal the light…
As we return to color we dive back into the depths, ever spiralling onward in time,
asking questions and experimenting on the rollercoaster of creativity.”


In addition to the step by step painting journey,
a variety of lectures will be offered by
Timea Tallian on the Mischtechnik and Materials in Painting,
Joe Bob Merritt on the deeper meaning of what it is to be an Artist now
and Amanda Sage on The Business of Art.

The theme that will thread throughout the workshop is:
‘Transformation 2020.’ 

Humanity is in great transition and art is a powerful tool for communication.

What do you want to transform?
What is your most authentic prayer?
What vision wants to come through you at this time? 


As a special guest, Florence Ménard co-founder of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
will lead an inner journey on this theme,
to help you answer these questions and develop imagery for the painting.

“Making Art is not something that is only limited
to painting, drawing, sculpture…
it is a WAY of life, a perspective, a lens through which
we have the choice to live in this life.” 


Full course attendees will have access to a FB Group dedicated to this journey
as well as weekly group reviews with Amanda where paintings and drawings will be discussed
based on select submissions from participants.
An exhibition of the final works will be presented in a public online exhibition
and event on August 1st.

Single passes will be available for the lectures with Joe Bob Merritt, Timea Tallian
and on the Business of Art with Amanda Sage for $30 each.




Once you have registered through this LINK,
you will receive an introductory email with a link for payment
​ as well as a suggested materials list.
If you have trouble accessing the form please email us here:


All classes will be held on Zoom.
If you are new to Zoom, it is very user friendly and you can find multiple tutorials on their website.
It is encouraged to participate in the live classes as questions will be addressed via the chat
​and creating together is encouraging and fulfilling!



$400 USD –  full course includes:

  • 17 live sessions with playback option 
  • 42 hrs of Live Workshop time
  • 4x Group Reviews (participants apply for review via google form)
  • FB dedicated Group
    • Participants are encouraged to Introduce themselves, share progress shots, interact, ask questions.
  • Playback of each segment available right after each session.
  • Exhibition of completed works on Aug 1st.

Individual passes:

  • $30 USD –  for Mon. & Wed. Lectures
  • Playback of selected segments available right after each session.

Personal Consultations:

  • All participants will have access to personal consultations by appointment with Amanda, Alecia or Academy Directors Laurence Caruana and Florence Ménard
  • 30 minutes for $65 – by application Mon/Tue/Wed.
    ​(Links to apply coming soon…)



Timezone Breakdown:
Los Angeles PDT 8am to 11am / 12 noon to 3pm / 10am to 12 noon
Denver MDT 9am to 12 noon  / 1pm to 4pm / 11am to 1pm
New York EDT 11am to 2pm / 3pm to 6pm / 1pm to 3pm
Vienna CEST 5pm to 8pm / 9pm  to 12 midnight / 7pm to 9pm

All classes and lectures are scheduled in LA time (PDT)

From LA to Denver – add 1 hour
From LA to NY – add 3  hours
From LA to Vienna – add 9 hours
 July 4, Saturday
8am – 11am – Introduction to Course: 

Presentation on Theme & History of Visionary Art & Mischtechnik with Amanda,
followed by a Guided Journey with Florence Ménard.
12 noon – 3pm Composition & Drawing with Amanda
July 6, Monday
10am – 12 noon – Lecture: Transformation with Joe Bob Merritt – 2 hrs
July 8, Wednesday
10am – 12 noon – Lecture: The Mischtechnik – Materials Review with Timea Tallian – 2 hrs
July 9, Thursday
10am – 12 noon – Group Review with Amanda – 2 hrs
July 11, Saturday
8am – 11am – Transferring Drawing & Imprimatura/ Decalcomania with Amanda
12 noon – 3pm – Underpainting in acrylic & casein with Amanda
July 15, Wednesday
10am – 12 noon – Lecture: Alchemy of Paint with Timea Tallian – 2 hrs
July 16, Thursday
10am – 12 noon – Group Review with Amanda – 2 hrs
July 18, Saturday
8am – 11am – Glazing & Color in Acrylic & Oil with Amanda
12 noon – 3pm – 2nd Underpainting & Process Presentation with Amanda
July 22, Wednesday
10 am – 12 noon – Lecture: The Business of Art – Amanda – 2 hrs
July 23, Thursday 
10 am – 12 noon – Group Review with Amanda – 2 hrs
July 25, Saturday 
8am – 11am – Local Glazing
12 noon – 3pm – Alla Prima Acrylic Painting & Oil Painting with Amanda
July 29, Wednesday
10 am – 2pm – Finishing a Painting & Group Review with Amanda – 4 hrs
August 1, Saturday
Closing Public Exhibition & Presentations



Amanda Sage 
​is an artist driven to reveal art’s critical role in spiritual transformation.

A celebrated visionary artist, she is a citizen of the world, exhibiting in galleries, art fairs and festivals, as well as lecturing and teaching worldwide at places such as the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York, Paradise One in Australia and the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria. 
After studying with Michael Fuchs as an apprentice for 2 years in Austria 
she then became a painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs for 10 years.
She has been painting in the Mischtechnik for over 20 years 
and has developed her own way of expressing and sharing it through over 10 years of teaching.


Joe Bob Merritt
is a painter, poet and visionary architect making meaning in the material world.
Through his teachings he explores a series of teaching ideas focused around the study of the self that weave harmoniously with the practice of arting. 
Based on his extensive study of the 4th Way, his unique perspective offers tools for becoming a more conscious human being.

Timea Tallian 
​is an artist, art conservator, art historian and scientist

specialized in Old Masters techniques and materials.
After earning a MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and a MPhil at the Royal College of Art in London, she worked for International auction houses and museums.
In 2011 she studied with Amanda Sage, Maura Holden and Andrew Gonzalez at the Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in Torri Superiore.
Transformed through the experience she quit her old life and started on a new artistic path.
Beside teaching at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art she also worked two years as an assistant to Ernst Fuchs.

Florence Ménard 
is co-founder with her husband Laurence Caruana of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and leads her version of “Inner Journeying” as learned from artists Kevin Campeau and Roel Crabbe to help students in their journey of discovering the image.
This method helps them dive deep into their own inner world, discovering the images that are deep inside their heart, in the „non-ordinary world“ and bringing them back into this „ordinary world“.
Ménard started painting at 41, and always encourages people to try it out and believe in themselves. 


Alecia Sacred Heart
is an international visionary artist, Administrative Coordinator at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, and an Engineer of the Vision Train. Her passions are painting prayers, activism through art, and supporting fellow artists to realize their great importance in the world today.



July 4, Sat – The Inner Journey led by Florence Ménard

We are constantly evolving and transforming… And this year in particular is an exceptional opportunity to open ourselves up to transformation – to lose a few layers of our serpent’s skin and reach into the very core of being. During this inner journey, I will help you find your spirit allies and dive deep into your own personal symbols and mythology. Inner Journeying is a powerful tool for self-healing, and a profound process for rendering our visions into paint.

July 6, Mon. – Transformation & the 4th Way with Joe Bob Merritt
(Description coming soon)

July 8, Wed. – The Mischtechnik – Materials Review with Timea Tallian – 2 hrs
Timea is going to talk about the origins of the Mischtechnik and will introduce different variations used for instance by Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Mati Klarwein and Robert Venosa. The aim of this lecture is to explore the materials and techniques involved and to understand why the Mischtechnik has been used by Visionary artists in particular. She also points out various pitfalls and gives specialist advice how to avoid them. 

July 15, Wed. – Alchemy of Paint – Timea Tallian – 2 hrs
This lecture dives deeply into the artist materials. It is not only about pigments, painting media and solvents in general. It aims to empower artists to truly understand the materials they are working with, to modify them and apply them effectively.  Art Materials often contain harmful substances, Timea explains how they can be used in a safe and informed way. She further will show some tips and tricks besides giving some practical demonstrations.

July 22, Wed. – The Business of Art with Amanda Sage
(Description coming soon)