Required Materials Easter 2019


Required Materials


We will provide the Easels, Mahl sticks, the Prepared Panels, Bowls to mix glazes, ingredients for making the Painting Mediums and for washing Brushes.

However, the Students must bring their own Acrylics, Oil paints & Brushes.


Daniel Mirante’s Recommended Materials:


  • liner brushes 05 and 1
  • selection of cheap hogbrush rounds (clean, unused)
  • range of sable filberts (or high quality synthetic filberts)
  • glazing brushes

Oil paints
(Please note, some of these pigments may also be recommended by other teachers)

Core underpainting pigments:

  • Cremnitz white (genuine lead white. Recommended brand: Old Holland. Note: Zinc is NOT a substitute!).
  • Raw Umber. Burnt Umber
  • Raw sienna. Burnt Sienna.
  • Mars Black.

These pigments are all ‘work horses’ well worth having in your palette, and with the exception of lead white, all inexpensive. These are neccesary for the process. The Recommended temperature pigments and glazing pigments are more open to personal choice.

Recommended initial temperature pigments:

  • Green Earth.
  • Ultramarine Blue.
  • Cadmium red.
  • Naples Yellow.
  • Caput Mortum or Violent Hematite (sinopia- prefered over Caput Mortum)


  • Magenta (quinacridone based).
  • Transparent oxide red.
  • Transparent oxide yellow.
  • Sap Green.

These colours are recommended, but colors are a more personal dimension of expression, so buy what you are drawn to.

Brands recommended : Old Holland. Michael Harding. Natural Pigments (Rubilev).

Other materials:

  • Craft knife
  • Varnished wooden palette or palette paper
  • HB Pencils
  • Putty erazer
  • Tracing Paper
  • Masking tape
  • HB charcoal fusains