The Academy

  • Introduction

    Through its imaginative curriculum, the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art offers an in-depth and uplifting training in all aspects of painterly creation.

  • Aims

    In days long gone, painting was once a craft, like stone masonry or stained glass.The apprentice studied in the studio of a master, receiving the direct transmission of tradition and technique.

    Our curriculum, creatively shaped by the Faculty as a whole, emphasizes the direct transmission of painting, through the student’s creation of original compositions, based on their own ideas and designs.

  • About Academies

    For hundreds of years, the stylization of the human figure was the hallmark of all great academies.

  • Visionary Art

    Visionary Art may be characterized as a contemporary form of Sacred & Hieratic Art.

    Many of the artists teaching at our academy from an integral part of the contemporary Fantastic and Visionary Art movements, which have their roots in The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.