After seven exciting years in the Austrian capital, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art closed its doors due to the Corona Crisis – and is presently metamorphosing into The Virtual Academy of Visionary Art.

Student Shakti Shannon at the easelIts goals remain the same: to revive classical techniques of painting while pursuing art as the expression of beauty, spirit and vision. To transmit an in-depth practice of painterly technique, our school follows the established model of the Academy system, while also promoting individual creativity through the pursuit of Visionary Art.

Each class is taught by skilled professionals who transmit their value of craft while sharing insights into the artist’s vocation. At the heart of our programme is the painter’s quest for Original Vision, expressed in a unique and refined manner. By promoting cultural ideals of craftsmanship, beauty and style, we celebrate the individual emergence of creativity and genius. Come explore your creative vision with us…

A Message from the Academy’s Founders

On March 16th, the sudden and forced closure of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art by the Austrian government due to the Covid-19 pandemic had an immediate and catastrophic impact on its finances: all upcoming Academy courses and seminars, as well as the Cultural Space classes and events, were cancelled – approximately 6 months’ worth of programming in all. The lost income, refund of deposits, and continuing expenses such as rent and operating costs, led to the permanent closure of the Academy in Vienna.
For this reason, we are appealing to our local and international community to help us cover the large amount of closing costs, generated by the crisis. If you have ever heard of the Academy’s many activities, or were touched directly by their unique offerings, then your response is needed. The teachers and students are doing all they can to offer classes and art, to help in this initiative. Please purchase or participate – your generosity is most welcome.



Hallowe’en Saturdays October 31st

with Academy Directors Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard

Journey into your Inner Sanctuary
and Paint your Watcher at the Gate

      In this final workshop of the fundraiser series, Florence Ménard will lead you on a vision journey to the source of your creative power. But, ever and always, a watcher stands at the gate. In celebration of Hallowe’en, Samhain and the full moon, we will visualize this guardian at the threshold, whose angelic-demonic face guards and protects the source of your creative power. 

      After a presentation on the apotropaic ‘face of glory’ (kirtimukha, gorgon, taotie…), Laurence Caruana will guide you through the construction of a three-toned sculptural drawing, learning how to visualize the face from its third eye, how to curve lines of the crown and hair around a hidden armature, and how to translate its sculptural shapes into graduated shades of light and darkness.

     For fun at the end, everyone will be invited to share their experience of the journey and the resulting work of art, then leave the space voluntarily while everyone is listening or dancing to music.

     This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. The class runs until 10 pm, followed by an extra hour (optional) for sharing and dancing!


  • For the three-toned sculptural drawing, we will use the grey tone of the paper for one tone, and add shadows in black crayon pencil for the darks, and highlights in white plaka casein or acrylics for the lights. Sketching will be done in graphite pencil.
  • Support: 1 sheet of grey-toned paper, in size large enough to draw a full-size face with crown and hair – roughly 22×30 inches or 56×76 cm.
  • The paper should be thick enough to absorb water (around 140 lb / 300 gsm). This may be store-bought grey paper, or white paper toned grey using grey plaka casein (which is what I do) or with acrylics
  • Sketching: your preferred graphite pencil (f or hb is fine) 
  • Shadows: your preferred black crayon pencil (I use Faber-Castell Polychromos Schwarz-black 9201-199***)
  • Lights: white plaka casein or white acrylic paint
  • A glass of water
  • A variety of fine, soft-hair brushes in different sizes for detail work 
  • A ruler
  • A compass
  • Erasers
  • A pad of paper for sketching

For the Inner Journey:

  • A candle
  • Your favourite incense


Saturday, October 31
10 am -2 pm – Pacific Daylight Time

1 pm – 5 pm – Eastern Daylight Time
7 pm – 11 pm – Central European Time


Thank you for your $30 donation through the Eventbrite link.
All profits support the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

*The call will be recorded for educational, and training purposes.*


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If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check “Spam”, “Promotions”, and “All Mail”.  If you have any questions, please email the coordinator of this fundraiser workshop series, Alecia Sacred Heart, at

This workshop series was created as a fundraiser to support the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

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Participation in the workshop will be recorded for educational and training purposes. A recorded version of the workshop will be made available for online purchase once editing is completed.

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After sufficient time for editing,
videos of the online classes will be made available!

Online Workshop Fundraisers
Every Saturday in September & October

This workshop series was created as fundraisers to support the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, who have permanently closed their doors in response to the global pandemic.

We were inspired to take this unique fundraising opportunity to share some of the offerings that only students who traveled to Vienna were previously able to experience. 


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An important message from Academy Directors
Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard:


To all those who have been touched by the Academy,
the time has come for us to announce that
The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art,
along with its Cultural Space,
has closed its doors in Vienna
as a consequence of the Corona crisis.


In the form of ‘The Virtual Academy of Visionary Art’, we will continue to bring art to the world through online workshops. We will also continue to run our popular Seminars at the eco-village of Torri Superiore, and these will multiply over the course of the next year.

Laurence and Florence, the Academy’s managers, left Vienna in June and returned to their farmhouse in Burgundy, a region three hours south of Paris. This decision was made at the end of March, while our small business was still incurring operating costs (rent, wages), and generating zero income due to the enforced lockdown on March 16th imposed by the government due to the Covid-19 virus.

Our mantra, during this time, has been: “Surrender, Let Go, Trust, Love.” Like any end and new beginning, the feeling is bitter-sweet. But, all of this is teaching us to ‘release’, to return to the most essential part of our being, to feel in our hearts that love is the only, truly real experience that we have in our lives.

We’ve learned a tremendous amount through our time in Vienna, and hope to share those new gifts with the world. So, we plan to continue working with our teachers by organizing more seminars and online classes, while expanding our own activities as a teaching couple by creating our own workshops and offering them abroad. We also plan to use this precious time to return to our roots: to painting, writing, and gardening while promoting our own activities as artist-creators.

From our point of view, right now, a huge wave is crashing down. But we also know a new wave will rise up in its wake. Once the world gets through this crisis, we hope to purchase a permanent space for our activities. This is another lesson that was taught to us. No more rent. Invest in something sustainable. That was always the vision, but now we’re making the necessary changes, so this may eventually come to be.

We don’t know where that new space will be, or even if it will be in the city or the country. But we want enough room to house a community of artists, coming and going, ever-evolving, building the vision we share of ‘Art for Humanity Awakening to Oneness’. All the people we’ve met in the last years share that vision – artists, yes, but also workshop leaders who sing, dance and drum, who heal us through tears and transformation – all of these creators will be invited here to teach, to learn, and to share their gifts. 

So, in that sense, we plan to continue working with many of the people we already know, and that the end of this space in Vienna is simply the beginning of another… 

To all of you who have been touched by the Academy in some way – thank you. 

Stay safe and healthy, find creative solutions to navigate these times, and – in closing – we offer our deepest gratitude for the many beautiful moments we’ve shared together at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and its Cultural Space.

All our love,

Laurence and Florence

For those who missed this Online Event,
the recording is still available…

Thank you
to all the teachers and students
who participated in our first month-long online course:

Summer Online Painting Intensive
July 4 – Aug 1, 2020


This Workshop, a collaboration between Amanda Sage
and the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
 was offered an alternative
to the cancelled 2020 Spring & Summer Seminars in Italy.

The intensive helped recover the losses
resulting from the pandemic.

Online Workshop Fundraisers
will be available soon!

We are editing the entire series now,
and will make them available once they’re done!


For more information, please contact
Florence Ménard:


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